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Large Plumbing is your trusted resource for all things water heater in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned company handles both conventional tank and tankless water heaters, partnering with Rheem, GE, and Bradford White for tank systems and Noritz, Rheem, Rinnai, EcoSmart, and Takagi for tankless systems. Whether you are installing hot water equipment for the first time, replacing an old unit, or just need a repair, we are the experts to call.

Our Aliso Viejo water heater repair team is available from Monday to Saturday for high-quality water heater services in Laguna Nigel and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us at (949) 799-3661!

4 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

1. Inconsistent heat - If you're getting splashes of cold water mixed in with your hot water, then give us a call. What's most likely happening is that the dip tube that's responsible for bringing in cold water is cracked and incoming cold water is mixing with out-going hot water.

2. Reddish-brown water - If all of your water is this rusty color, then it's rusty pipes. But if only your hot water has this discoloration then give our Aliso Viejo water heater repair specialists a call.

3. Water that smells off - Especially with older units, it's possible that the inside of your tank is peeling and affecting your water. It's not a big deal, but it should be fixed by a trained professional.

4. Weird noises - A little bit of noise is acceptable, but if you hear a loud snapping or popping sound then give our Aliso Viejo water heater repair pros a call. Sediment builds up overtime and when enough of it does, then it can cause parts of your water heater to overheat and make these sounds.

When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

A typical water heater should last 8-10 years, but may keep going up to 12 years if you're lucky. Units older than that are usually on borrowed time.

If your water heater has reached the 10-year mark or you notice any of these signs, it's likely time to replace it:

  • Rotten egg odor -
    If you are running hot water and you notice the smell of rotten eggs or any other strange odors, this could be the metal that is inside of the water heater flaking off.
  • Age -
    Unfortunately, water heaters don't last forever. The average lifespan of a water heater is 10 to 12 years if you regularly maintain it.
  • Water pooling around the base of the unit -
    Ppuddles of water that show up around your water heater need to be dealt with quickly. Your water heater expands and contracts as it heats, if a fracture has formed in the tank, you can be at serious risk of having your water heater burst.

Leaking water heaters can cause damage to the drywall and other structures around the tank, and water damage may require restoration repairs and possibly even an insurance claim. Being proactive with regular plumbing maintenance and replacing your water heater before it starts to leak can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

At Large Plumbing, all conventional tank water heaters we install include free disposal of the old water heater and a one-year warranty on all labor.

Reach out to our Aliso Viejo water heater repair team today! Call (949) 799-3661 or contact us online to get started.

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Why Go Tankless?

Tankless water heaters, as the name implies, come with no storage tank. They heat water on demand or as you turn on the hot water, so they are more energy-efficient than conventional units that heat a full tank of hot water. If you are interested in switching to tankless water heaters, Large Plumbing can help.

We offer Bradford White tankless water heaters that offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy cost
  • Continuous supply of hot water
  • Sleek, compact, and space-saving design
  • Longer equipment life
  • Fewer maintenance requirements

Our highly trained and certified plumbing team can ensure top-quality tankless water heater installation in Aliso Viejo every time. We also provide reliable repairs and maintenance for homeowners with existing units.

Consult with a Water Heater Expert in Aliso Viejo

If you are unsure whether to install a conventional tank or tankless water heater, enlist the help of Large Plumbing. We can schedule a consultation to learn about your hot water needs and preferences. Our team will also assess your home, current energy consumption, and budget to determine which type of water heater will be most beneficial for you.

Contact our Aliso Viejo water heater experts today at (949) 799-3661 or online!

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